Samcart Forms – Samcart In-Depth Review

SamCart is an internet-based shopping cart app created in the last quarter of 2013 by Scott as well as Brian Moran. Samcart Forms

The software has been in use for a while, but recently it’s been all over the place.

Many entrepreneurs, marketers and entrepreneurs have praised it as the most effective shopping cart software that is currently in use.

But is this really live according to its name?

In this SamCart review, I’ll discuss my experiences using the software that includes what’s best for the advantages and disadvantages, as well as whether you should think about it for your company.


Is SamCart Worth the Cost?

I believe this SamCart platform is well worth the price, as compared with other shopping carts that come with a number of beneficial features and features designed to help you in boosting conversions which can boost the bottom line.

Samcart Forms


As a marketer, it is aware of the importance of testing your site in order to increase conversions. SamCart has done everything to make sure that you make the most revenue you can get from each sale.

As an example when you offer an ebook for $47 on your website with the normal checkout page it may not be possible to include an upsell. If you are able to add an upsell to the same item (using SamCart, of course) it’s possible you’ll be able to offer an additional $60 item up to 30% or more of the customers you serve.

What do you have in mind for this?

This means higher revenue per dollars and the possibility of an higher average size of orders that eventually result in an increase in cash in your pocket.

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The many reviews and testimonials of happy customer reviews speak for itself.
Samcart Reviews


Who is SamCart Good For?

SamCart is ideal for any one selling on the internet. From physical items to digital items such as books, events, courses and seminars. You can also make use of it for marketing services, for example, consulting services that you can offer on your website.

However, as with the majority of shopping carts it is made for a particular kind of customer so it’s not an ideal fit for everyone..

Also, based on whether you’re selling software, information products memberships services, or any other products , look at the different capabilities and features of SamCart to determine whether or not it’s an ideal shopping cart for you.

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SamCart Pros and Cons

SamCart like all software, has each of its pros and cons. Below, I’ve listed the advantages and disadvantages to let you know what you can get from the online shopping cart.

SamCart Pros

  1. User-Friendly Platform:SamCart is a platform that is user-friendly for selling physical and digital products on the internet.
  2. IntegrationsThe app integrates various marketing instruments and services via Zapier.
  3. Flexible payment options: SamCart offers various payment options like subscriptions, plans for payment and also trial offers.
  4. allows one-click-upsells:You can use one-click downsells or upsells as well as perhaps “bumps” to increase your sales.
  5. The ability to control the granularity of coupons and control of discounts:You could exercise specific control over the way you utilize coupons and discounts to buy products.
  6. Management of affiliates: SamCart has an integrated Affiliate Marketing Program Management System which is competitive with different shopping carts. This can assist you in running any affiliate marketing programs swiftly and efficiently.
  7. Excellent Customer Support:SamCart has a vast knowledge base of experience that can help customers with all kinds of problems. Support is available via email, Facebook groups and live chat.
  8. Analytics and Reporting:The platform has an impressive dashboard for reporting that provides you useful insight from your data.

SamCart Cons

  1. Not a good choice to sell servicesSamCart can’t be used to sell services. However, you can be successful by creating a unique label for your service. how you present your service.
  2. Lack of Design Choices:Compared to other shopping cart software that are in the same price range the appearance and options to customize checkout templates are not as extensive.
  3. There aren’t any crypto payments available:When you’re using SamCart you’ll need to choose a different way of accepting cryptocurrency. Also, it doesn’t support Apple Pay.
  4. Only a handful of Payment Integrations:Although SamCart is a numerous payment method it is able to integrate with just a few payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.
  5. The high cost:SamCart offers an astonishing array of functions, however, the cost is expensive for small entrepreneurs and those looking to advertise. This is particularly true with regard to platforms such as ThriveCart that allow one-time payments.

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Top SamCart Functionality

The most important thing that could be the reason to choose SamCart in comparison to other carts for shopping is its features. This is where its strengths are.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at every function offered by SamCart to give you an idea of the reasons SamCart is different from other carts and how it can add value to your business.

One-Click Upsells

This is one of the main characteristics that differentiate SamCart from other carts. It has upsells that are easy to click to help increase your profit with every sale you make.

Samcart Upsells


If you’re not making use of upsells as part of the sales funnel, you’re missing a significant amount of money off the market. Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. Amazon claims that more than three-quarters of its earnings are derived from sales.

SamCart makes upselling simple and easy, and as per their site after you’ve established the upselling mechanism you can enhance the value customers receive by approximately 68.1 percent.

Bump Offers

SamCart also offers customers with cross-selling. This technique, sometimes called by the term “bundling” is where you bundle your primary product or service , along with additional products to increase the profit from every sale.

An example of this in the workplace is the time that McDonald’s serves fries and drinks in addition to your hamburgers. Also, if you buy sporting equipment, you may receive a half-price deal on gym memberships or something similar.

In the case of selling laptops on SamCart the shopping cart program You could also offer discounts on laptop cases, laptop antivirus programs ( Avast could be a good illustration) and etc. to boost your value to your customers.

SamCart makes it incredibly easy to complete with the click of one button. All you need to do is make it and it will do the rest. Allow customers to make purchases using the checkout process that is optimized.

Checkout Pages

As of this writing the checkout platform provided by Samcart has 18 shopping carts that have been specifically designed templates that have been tested to convert.

Samcart Checkout


All pages are mobile-friendly and feature the exclusive “sandbox” mode that allows users to test whether the website is operating smoothly prior to going live. This is different from other shopping carts that require you to upload your site and then check it.

A lot of famous marketers use SamCart which means you can spare yourself the hassle of spending countless hours shopping carts by yourself. It’s simple to follow the suggestions of professionals who came before you and draw from their experiences to start seeing immediate positive results from sales and marketing campaigns.

All checkout templates offered on SamCart come with built-in reviewsand security reassurances and guarantees, and other elements of trust designed to boost conversion rates.

All you have to do is choose the template you’d like to modify the template to match your brand’s colours and style.

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One-Page Checkout

This is a unique option which allows you to offer several payment options on the checkout page.

Here’s a sample of it looking like:

For instance, if you’re offering a class online priced at $447, you could make use of SamCart to offer your customers the option of paying with a credit card. On the other hand, for other cart websites, you might require separate checkout pages in order to make this happen.

SamCart’s checkout is on one page and keeps customers on the site as they choose the best method of payment for the item.

As an online marketing professional I’m sure you are aware of that it’s crucial to keep your clients on the page in order to avoid losing them constantly when they decide to leave your website at any point.

Affiliate Center

SamCart allows you to not only sell your products online but also to recruit an entire network of affiliates who will promote your product and increase the amount of money you make.

The function of affiliate management on the platform is so powerful that you don’t have to spend your entire time marketing your services or products.

There’s no reason to pay for advertising or any other form of marketing because affiliates share the details about your service or product. It’s an easy way to increase sales because you pay affiliates after they’ve made revenue for you.

Subscription Saver

If you provide subscription-based services on the web, this is a SamCart feature you’ll enjoy.

As you are aware it’s not always easy to pay in time every time. There are instances where missed payments can be due to credit card which aren’t valid or fraudsters who deny charges or even cancel their credit cards to avoid paying their bills.

Whatever the reason payments fail to get through, it’s an issue for the vendor as most of the time you aren’t able to recover your money (barring the possibility of suing the client).

SamCart safeguards your credit card from expiring and declined payment by sending an email to your customers on behalf of you when the payment is unsuccessful.

Inside the message, you will find the option to update their payment information within their email inbox. This will avoid having to look for those who haven’t made their payments.

If a customer fails to alter their payment details following receiving several emails SamCart immediately terminates the account and marks them “delinquent” so that you can identify the exact identity of the person and you can call them anytime you need to.

You can keep track of what’s happening within Subscription Saver via SamCart’s simple and effective dunning report.

A/B Testing

Every person in the field of marketing knows the importance of being able to conduct split test tests in all aspects. Split testing can be especially helpful if you are suffering from the high rate of abandonment in carts. A small change can lead to a massive growth in revenue.

This is also the case with Blog title for posts as well as subject lines for opt-in pages for email selling pages and just about everything else you can think of.

However, very few marketers spend the time to evaluate their sales funnels. If you think about the amount of money you could earn by optimizing your checkout pages, it’s a mistake to forget the significance of this component of the sales funnel.

Fortunately, SamCart simplifies this process easy, and. You can conduct A/B tests live through your website. This feature is unique as far as shopping cart websites are concerned.

Samcart AB Testing


There are tons of different things you can test on SamCart, such as changing the template, trying out a different guarantee/testimonial, etc., removing fields (tests have shown that the fewer fields you have, the better), and much more.

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SamCart Integrations

SamCart offers a wide range of integrations that allow you to connect your shopping cart online along with the other parts of your marketing system.

Here are a few significant integrations that are made available on this platform.

Payment processors:One one of the first steps you’ll have to take after logging into SamCart is to establish the payment processing. There are currently two options available however SamCart is in the process of adding new integrations to its online shopping platform. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no crypto-based payment options, like Bitcoin, as well as mobile payments like Apple Pay on the platform.

Mail Marketing Service Providers For the majority of marketers it is one of the top integrations to consider when choosing the ideal shopping cart. It is important to know that SamCart is compatible with a range of marketing tools like iContact, HubSpot, Ontraport, Active Campaign, MailChimp and Drip.

membership platforms:SamCart offers a broad range of membership platforms such as Thinkific Post Affiliate Pro, WishList Member, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Member and Membermouse.

Platforms for Webinars: If you hold webinars as part of your marketing plan using SamCart’s checkout software to market your services and products. While there aren’t currently any native integrations with webinar platforms in SamCart However, the program effortlessly connects to Zapier which allows you to connect to various webinar platforms. This includes GoToWebinar as well as WebinarJam.

Services for fulfillment:If you sell physical products using SamCart its shopping cart then you’ll have one option for you for fulfilling any orders that you make: ShipStation. However, with Zapier you can connect out to numerous fulfillment platforms that will meet your requirements as a business.


SamCart Alternatives

As we’ve mentioned before there are a variety of shopping cart options available in the market today.

SamCart is just one of many which, despite having remarkable features and capabilities however, there are other options that may give it an opportunity to compete.

Below are Are four SamCart alternatives. Based on the features you require to manage your business, these could be the better (or more expensive) alternative. If you’re interested in exploring other alternatives, look at this article, which offers alternative options.

SamCart vs. ThriveCart

Samcart vs Thrivecart


ThriveCart can be described as an online cart program specifically designed for stores on the internet. It includes many similar features as those SamCart offers, for instance the ability to upsell by one click and an affiliate management centers and affiliate management centers.

However, SamCart does have significantly more features than the ThriveCart. One area where ThriveCart outdoes SamCart is price.

However, SamCart is offered for an annual cost but you can purchase it with the ThriveCart platform for a one-time fee of $495.

It is among the many reasons why many digital marketers favor this SamCart alternative over other options.

A second thing to note is an important fact: ThriveCart is compatible with all top payment methods at the currently, while SamCart only works to PayPal and Stripe.

SamCart vs. PayKickStart

Samcart vs PayKickStart


PayKickStart is an online shopping cart with many options to help you manage an online store at a reasonable cost.

It comes with options such as an online sales funnel builder, powerful web page editor as well as pop-ups to fill with checkout forms along with other features. It is possible to connect PayKickstart with Braintree, Stripe, PayPal,, and Easy Pay Direct.

The only significant distinction in PayKickStart in addition to SamCart. The rest is basically identical.

Both platforms work with different currencies and languages. They offer deep, practical information through a robust reporting dashboard and both shopping cart solutions are simple to create. Each comes with a intelligent dashboards , conversion tools including affiliate center and an incredibly powerful application integration.

As for the price of their plans, PayKickStart provides four plan options: Basic at $99/month Growth $99/month, and Scale with $299 per month and a custom plan that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Comparing to the cost of SamCart that starts at $49/month it’s easy to see why most marketers use SamCart in preference to PayKickStart.

SamCart vs Shift4Shop (formerly 3D Cart)

Samcart vs Shift4Shop


Shift4Shop is an eCommerce platform that was created over two decades ago. It offers a wide range of options that allow you to design checkout pages that are optimized which will lead to higher conversions.

This makes it a great alternative to SamCart particularly for those who require a variety options for their checkout templates that can pick from. Shift4Shop provides more than 50 templates for no cost. Each comes with every feature and component that will increase your conversion rates.

If you opt for the more expensive plan you’ll gain access to more templates. Premium templates can be mobile-friendly providing excellent viewing experience for mobile users.

Shift4Shop can also help you promote your products on social media. Every plan comes with 50 ad credits that will enable you to reach an even bigger audience across multiple websites that use social media.

The prices for Shift4Shop range from $19/month for “Startup” stores to $229/month for “Pro” shops.

SamCart vs. Clickfunnels

Samcart vs Clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is another great shopping cart software that you can utilize to create appealing checkout pages.

It’s compatible with numerous payment processors like PayPal and Stripe as well as other payment processors. It also works with a variety of tools for automating and marketing emails, such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and NMI.

As compared to other shopping cart programs, Clickfunnels is a more complete system that allows users to build landing pages and the shopping cart page.

That means, in essence, it’s more than just a shopping cart. It’s a sales funnel that runs from A to Z, which eliminates the need for a plethora of other marketing tools any person who would like to promote their products or services on the internet.

The reality is there is Samcart doesn’t stand alone as the sole company with competitors since many of them have checkout options. They comprise Aweber, ConvertkitKajabi and numerous others. Although these systems may be used for their intended purpose however, they’re not nearly so focused on Samcart as they could be.

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Samcart Pricing

Samcart Pricing


If you’re paying on a monthly or yearly basis SamCart has four different plans available:

  • Launch: $49/month
  • Grow: $99/month
  • Scale: $199/month
  • Enterprise: $399/month

If you choose to purchase an annual plan You’ll save 20% off all of these costs.

The pricing structure is simple and the features that are included in each plan build upon the features of earlier plans.

In the instance of, when you sign up to the Grow plan, you will receive all the features offered within Launch. Launch Plus some advanced features that include managing subscribers, subscription fee reminders, advanced cancellations of subscriptions , etc.

It’s the same if you select an option called Scale. You will get all the features included in the Grow plan, in addition to additional features , such as the dunning tool, as well as Affiliate center integrations CRM, A/B tests.

Each plan comes with one trial period of 14 days free of charge as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you choose to sign up for a yearly payment and get discounts on charges mentioned above.

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Product Support

SamCart provides assistance in many ways, including live chat, email , and an interactive Facebook group. They also have detailed instructions on their website along with an user-friendly and intuitive interface created to eliminate any roadblocks and allow new users to navigate the platform without difficulty.

Here’s a fuller description of the services offered by SamCart.

Intuitive InterfaceFrom the first moment you sign up to the platform, you’ll be shown the steps you need to follow in order to set your account up as swiftly as you can.

Help Center SamCart is a comprehensive knowledge basethat includes videos and written tutorials that aid you in solving all sorts of problems that might occur.

Live Chat:If there is a chance that you’re facing issues that require immediate assistance, get help by using the live chat function of SamCart. While the time required to respond can vary, in most cases, SamCart support is very quick in responding to requests for assistance.

Facebook Group:SamCart has a huge Facebook community of more than 24,000 people and an assistance team who will be happy to help you with your queries via Facebook.

email supportAlthough SamCart doesn’t provide direct communication with the Support team, they offer email support during hours of operation (that is 9 AM until 5 PM ET on Mondays).

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What is Samcart?

Samcart can be described as an internet-based store which lets you promote both online and digital services, and even serve as a means to sell physical products. It allows you to build sales funnels, marketing funnels, affiliate programs and e-commerce, as well as other things. Thanks to its excellent marketing, and its widespread acceptance of businesses across the world, Samcart is the leading online shopping cart in the marketplace.

What does Samcart do to do?

Samcart is used to help in many different industries. If someone is trying to sell their service or product on the internet, Samcart may aid. They offer solutions to authors, course creators , consultants/coaches agents side hustlers Amazon and Etsy sellers physical sellers of goods entrepreneurs, as well as non-profits.

Does SamCart Integrate via Zapier?

It is possible to incorporate SamCart together with Zapier and Zapier can allow you to connect to over three thousand marketing automation software tools, as well as software to automatize your job, boost your productivityand increase the amount of money you earn.

Can SamCart manage VAT?

SamCart simplifies the tax burden for your business online simple. All you have to do is enter the address of your website as well as the VAT number if applicable and SamCart will calculate the proper tax rates for each of your customers. It will add sales tax accordingly.

Does SamCart Allow Coupon Codes?

SamCart does not just permit coupons, but it also gives you one of the most effective control options (compared with other shopping carts) regarding how you utilize coupons to purchase products and services.

In other words instead of having one coupon automatically applied to all ofyour products , you have the option of applying coupons only for certain products, or to apply an separatecoupon for all other items within the same sales funnel.

Do You Have the Ability to A/B Test Checkout Pages in SamCart?

SamCart offers a full A/B testing tool that will increase conversions. It allows you to test every element of your checkout website in order to identify the most effective versions that will work with your targeted audience. The platform also has extensive tutorials for those not experienced with split testing. The platform also provides step-by-step directions to assist you in getting up and running with testing.

Does SamCart have a Money-Back Warranty?

SamCart offers a 30 day refund guarantee in the event that you decide that the program isn’t for you. You must cancel your subscription within a couple of days prior to the time when the date of expiration will be so that you don’t end up spending more money in the next month. The platform also provides the initial 14-day trial which is totally free. This will make it less likely that you’ll get refund because you’ll have the chance to learn about the system in depth before making a decision for one or the more costly plans.

What does SamCart Pay You?

Concerning the affiliate commissions SamCart isn’t able to pay. Instead, you will receive the payment directly from the merchant or affiliate manager you have on the platform. Payments can be made with any of the payment methods that are available, such as Paypal as well as the Stripe payment method..

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Samcart Forms Summary

SamCart is certainly a legitimate alternative for digital marketers who want to market items or products (both physical as well as digital) online.

It’s a budget-friendly online shopping cart program that makes easy to increase your sales by making use of various payment options discount, coupons and discounts to increase your revenue.

SamCart is an excellent tool that is simple to setup and makes the perfect addition to any online company.

If you decide to give it a go SamCart I’d be grateful If you utilize this link in order to assist me.. Samcart Forms

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