Internet of Things

One Step Ahead – Smart Connected Products through Digital Transformation to do Smarter Business

Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology in the automation sphere, bringing in powerful and remarkable impacts across the business spectrum. Forrester Research, Inc. predicts several $100 million-plus IoT contracts to project a promising future.


Repute Technologies is a tech-focused IOT services provider, empowering business organizations to connect and scale efficiently by fortifying them with innovative IoT solutions.

IoT Offerings

We offer business-ready IoT enterprise solutions and IoT mobile apps leading to enhanced customer engagement as well as operational efficiency.

IoT Technology Consultancy Service Offerings


  • Consulting services
    • Business use-cases, Architecture and Security
  • Assessment services
    • Architecture and Security
  • Prototyping services
    • Rapid prototyping
IoT Engineering Service Offerings


  • Connected devices
  • Connected experiences
  • Connected operations
  • Web Service API development
IoT Specialized Services


  • Data analytics
  • Testing: Device to cloud
  • Security: Testing and Remediation

Why Engage Us

Bridging the Gap

Our IOT capabilities help you to bridge the gap between the real and digital world through technology transformation through consultation, development and integration of IOT services.


Talented Engineers

Our IoT services professionals are focused on smart design and development of IoT solutions.


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