Digital transformation with a cloud-first approach in the realm of tech-driven industry
Forbes forecasts about how Data will grow in a swift phase by 2020. That is, each second about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be developed for every human being on the planet.


Repute Technologies Data Analytics services enable organizations to conceptualize as well as implement a well-thought-out big data program across diverse domains and focus areas. Forward-looking organizations rely on quick, agile decisions to stay competitive, and big data analytics is inevitable to make the businesses survive and thrive.

Cloud Service Offerings

Cloud hosting, deployment and migration

The multitude of opportunities cloud presents has motivated many businesses to transform their applications to the cloud for considerable cost savings, reliability and manageability. Repute Technologies facilitates your organization to adopt a cloud strategy that works perfect for your business.


We also help you to migrate your existing IT solution to a cloud environment in a seamless manner. Our cloud services include professional consulting and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure and Salesforce among others.

Cloud infrastructure management

Repute Technologies comes up with a series of services to support your cloud infrastructure, to deliver content swiftly and smartly. We are capable of managing your cloud infrastructure as your requirements grow, by enhancing capacity or storage space on demand, optimizing performance, regular monitoring and customizing as needed.AWS), Windows Azure and Sales force among others.

PaaS & SaaS Offerings

Also on the offing are Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (PaaS) meeting your unique requirements.

Why Engage Us

  • Professional team of Cloud Consultants with 100s of person-years of experience.
  • Expertise in validating Cloud Reference Architectures for diverse industries.
  • Seamless collaboration between Cloud Assessment, Migration and Implementation teams helping your business’ smooth transition into growth path.
  • Higher Savings up to 60% through strategic consulting and smart cloud services.


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